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About Webplus support

A live support system for Serif Webplus
works for versions X5/X6/X7/X8 for all users.

Please remember, we DO NOT work for or have any kind of affiliation with Serif
So DO NOT email us with rants about the Webplus Software or Hosting we only support it.

Here at webplus support, we go out of our way to provide a free and voluntary service to help all users overcome problems with their webplus software, regardless of the version they are using. We have a live chat system which when helpers are available, can talk one on one (text based) to help overcome any problems our users are having, especially with things such as FTP and server issues where posts made on public forums would create security and privacy problems for our members.

When the live chat system is not operational due to no helpers available, we do have an offline message system in place where any enquiries sent, are normally dealt with in a very timely fashion, normally well within a 24 hour period but often much sooner. We are sure you'll find our services both friendly and extremely helpful. The site and services was created by Mick Knight, who is an avid and knowledgable user of the Serif software range and has considerable knowledge when it comes to both hardware/software & server related problems.

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WEBPLUS SUPPORT is a creative team dedicated
to supporting serif webplus

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Although small in numbers, this is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our webplus users the most amazing solutions for all their webplus problems and issues.

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Mick Knight

Administrator & Founder
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Neil Judges

Administrator & Sponsor

Wonderful web creations require
a good mix of combined skills

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Just Some Of Our Latest Support Feedback


[Ron] Well done and thank you.

[Mick] My pleasure and happy updating Ron.

Survey Comments: After Spending Four Days Trying To Resolve My Problem, This Service Is Outstanding


[Brian] Hi Mick, Thats worked brililantly thank you :)

[Mick] No worries, my pleasure.

Survey Comments: Mick's been SO helpful to me whenever I have a problem. I`m rubbish at this, and he`s always patient, and explains it in a way I can understand. What an invaluable service he provides...


[Jase] Yeeeeeeee Ha . . . It works a treat!!!! You are the main man!!! The wife will be pleased lol, I can now get on with web building... I really appreciate your help.

[Mick] My pleasure mate and happy updating.

Survey Comments: Just plain and simply . . . .FANTASTIC!!!!!


[Lisa Kos] You are a hero. It worked! Thank you so much!

[Mick] That's great Lisa and my pleasure.

Survey Comments: Fantastic support. Fast, effecient and so knowledgable.


[DaveS] Mick that has worked and no error message.

[Mick] Excellent Dave and glad that sorted it for you.

Survey Comments: what an excellent free service for serif, micks a genius.


[Marie] Mick I cant thank you enough, your knowledge is excellent.

[Mick] My pleasure Marie, you know where to come if you have other issues.

Survey Comments: Mick is a life savour and so glad I found his site, a wonderful man