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If you want to search for a phrase on a publicly accessible forum, just use your favourite search engine. Searching for

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"mySQL database"
found me this thread. (The extension mentioned there seems to be only for reading and amending existing records, not creating new ones, but it may point you in the right direction.)
Forum searches are a crap shoot (reference to a gambling dice game, not something vulgar) at best sometimes.

Their forum seems to ignore quotation marks used to denote exact phrases to be searched for. If I search for two words, even within quotes, it returns every single comment that ever had both of the words at any place within the post. That's frustrating. I'll just keep looking for another way to do what I need to accomplish.

Do you know of any other WWB forums?
Above my pay grade. Have you searched the forum?
WYSIWYG Web Builder/90 Second Website Builder / Database From Form ...
« Last post by Smee on Yesterday at 12:54:29 PM »
Haven't been on here in a bit because of having to take two other jobs ... hopefully on a temporary basis. With one of these job, however, I was hoping I could create a mySQL database that would store and display data entered into a form. I want the data to be displayed in a spreadsheet format.

I took on a job as a debt collector for a local HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical contractor/service business. Debt collection is what I do in my regular job, so that part is easy. However, since I do this job offsite (from my home) someone else is posting payments to the accounts and filling out an online form I set up and sending me the details so that I'm not bothering people who have already paid.

The process does work, but I've been manually entering the information from the emails into a csv file and exporting with a new upload of the site each time. I'd like it to write to a mySQL database and display when they return from the success page.

How would you get the software to write "fields" to a database (I can build databases in Access and even back as far as dBase III & IV ... just not much experience with mySQL) so that they could be displayed on a page?
WebPlus / Re: 'Embedding' an Excel Workbook in a Web Plus X8 built web site
« Last post by Alfred on March 15, 2018, 07:03:22 AM »
I haven't previously posted here although a member for a fair while

Welcome, John, if somewhat belatedly! Good to see you posting here. :)
WebPlus / Re: 'Embedding' an Excel Workbook in a Web Plus X8 built web site
« Last post by johnbirt on March 14, 2018, 06:43:04 PM »
I would have thought that uploading your sheet to a Google account might solve your issue.

I haven't previously posted here although a member for a fair while but I did post on the Serif site a long while back a quite detailed account of how to make  Google sheets available from a WebPlus site in several ways that may suit your needs in particular in an iFrame.

It is a simple matter to export an Excel sheet to a Google account and you have the benefit that any alterations/additions to a sheet will not need any adjustment in your web site that links to the sheet.

I will see if I can find the article and re post here when I have a minute and it might enable you to do what you require.

John B

Now found the wpp and now attached.
Just for fun, thought I would put up what the site was doing (did a screen capture this afternoon).
My mistake for not posting that I had found the problem ... user error.

An image that was not visible in the 320 version was actually visible, but stuck in an area of a layer that wasn't visible. Somehow happened during the building of the breakpoints, so the problem was human induced. As soon as I found and fixed the problem, I uploaded the site and no more errors.

Thanks guys for wanting to help, sorry I didn't post that I had solved the issue.
Works for me also. No problems in Safari, or Chrome - it just loads as it should.


Take a look and let me know how the page acts for you:

Checked your link Smee in 3 separate browsers here (IE 11, Chrome, Firefox) and your site shows no abnormalities here and loads fine in all 3, so I've no idea what this craziness is.
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